LM Finanz AG

About us

Markus Höhn 07.05.1965

After graduating from High School and completing a financial traineeship at UBS, he joined the Volksbank in 1988. He spent several years as a Director of Derivatives Trade. During this time he was awarded the Swiss Federal Diploma in Financial Analyst and Fund Management. He became a founding member of LM Finanz in 1998.

Thomas Wyss 03.09.1961

 After a commercial education and several periods abroad, he gained 25 years' experience working at the Schweizerische Volksbank and later at Credit Suisse as a Director of Private Banking. He graduated in business management from the Kaufmännische Führungsschule (KFS). In addition, while working, Thomas Wyss attended further education classes in management for 2 years at the University of Zurich. He has been a partner at LM Finanz since 2007.